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Al Magdaleno

About Me
Humanitarian. Filmmaker. Veteran. Citizen of the World 

from Al Magdaleno
I fought in 2 wars, traveled around the world and met people on every continent.  I've had the privilege to experience the world as an active part in wars and have seen the atrocities that humans can do to each other and conversely, the many acts of kindness and love that gave hope to many when humanity seemed lost.

​I have learned a few things. War is never the answer and one persons kindness can make a difference in many lives and alter the most violent situations.  - a little kindness makes a world of difference, changes minds and in time changes the world. 

In 2017, we joined with Third Wave Volunteers who already have united thousands of people around the world with the same vision. Together, we help people in world, man-made and natural disasters .
Donors can rest assured that their support is helping people around the world and goes into the hands of those in extreme dire need - then, let us show you; the people, smiles and faces of those you helped in the next video we create 



Top 100

Movers &




of the




Gold Coin


Top 100 Movers & Shakers

2015 CITIZENS OF THE WORLD's Al Magdaleno is chosen as one of The Florida Agenda's Top 100 Movers and Shakers in South Florida

50 Most Influential People

2015 CITIZENS OF THE WORLD's Al Magdaleno is chosen as one of the top 50 Most Influential People in South Florida

2015 Community Leadership Award

CITIZENS OF THE WORLD'S Al Magdaleno is awarded the 2nd Annual Community Leadership Award in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

2018 Freemason Gold Coin

Freemsaon's of Ponce Puerto Rico award Al Magdaleno with a letter of appreciation and their Freemason gold coin for helping their island after Hurricane Maria.

2018 Global Empowerment Mission

Global Empowerment Mission awards Al Magdaleno with am appreciation plaque for assisting Hurricane Irma and Maria victims throughout the Caribbean

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